Solar Farms

Imagine a crop that can be harvested daily on the most barren desert and arid land, requires no fertilizer, and that produces no harmful emissions. Imagine making 12-15% or more assured return on investment for 25 years without much upfront money.

You don't have to imagine it— its real and it's here IM India is blessed with a vast Solar Energy potential. India's deserts and farm land are one of the sunniest in the world, and thus suitable for large-scale power production. Government is embracing favorable tax structures and is considering to provide financial resources to fund projects to put up community solar farms as part of their energy development programs. Furthermore, the advantages of reducing cost of PV technology, makes the solar farming a lucrative investment option. It is an opportunity for those in the agricultural sector to view solar energy as a "replacement harvest" and create electric energy by transforming vacant or even underused land into farms that produce energy. We design and implement the PV systems according to the land availability, to maximize the return on investment.

Rural Electrification

There is no electricity - power lines don't extend out there. Water is scarce, too. At the village well, women balance jugs of water on their heads, deftly evading the livestock that saunters along. It's a simple lifestyle of farming, tending to goats, caring for children and carrying out household chores - a daily routine that hasn't changed much over the centuries. This was the face of an Indian village.

With the help of SPV systems, villagers can use water pumps for agriculture or domestic activities. Children could study well past sundown. Watch villagers smile as they light their electric lamps instead of polluting kerosene lamps.

Solar energy is transforming lives in villages. The journey has started but still a lot to be done.

With the help of our expertise in projecting and planting of solar systems the unused, potential of solar power can bring the electricity to rural areas. The same can be used for both domestic as well as agricultural .activities.