Residential Roof Top

Specially designed small scale systems for residential uses. The system sizes vary from 1 kW to 20 kW. Using SPV systems reduces our dependence on conventionalenergy sources that contribute to climate change and can help make a big difference to the energy efficiency of our home. A long term cost-effective alternative to conventional source of electricity. The systems can either be used for running household appliances and reducing the electricity bill or the solar electricity generated, can be feed to the local grid for PPA.


  • On grid solar system will reduce the Power bill as it is possible to sell surplus electricity produced to the local electricity supplier.
  • On grid Solar System has the advantage of effective utilization of generated Power because there are no storage losses involved.
  • Generation of environmentally clean energy.

Since we have executed number of project in and around New Jersey on the model of Net Metering, Our experience shall be beneficial for the clients opting installation of Roof-top Solar Power System on this model.

Commercial Roof Top

Top Solar Commercial SPV Systems have helped many offices to use solar energy and reduce their energy bills drastically. The commercial solar solutions are designed to meet your long term requirements and needs.

We offer commercial customers the unique opportunity to get involved in the clean energy generation. Our approach will ensure to have a long term partner and a vision about clean energy. The systems are projected and prepared as per the needs of the offices, hospitals, schools, institutes and shop owners.

Long term sustainable, affordable and profitable. The system sizes vary from 10 kW to 500 kW according to the electricity requirements. One such plant of 40KW is at M/s Vishal Auto Agency, Varanasi, U.P.